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Written by Rick Coan   
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 14:04

The question is often asked, “What’s the difference between the cloud and hosted?”

The difference is cloudy.

Having recently helped a client select an ERP vendor, it was interesting to see the vendor’s definition of cloud versus hosted. Some vendors said it was defined by a pricing strategy, some said it was the difference between multitenant versus single-tenant hosting. One vendor, an obvious techy, suggested that true cloud is device independent.


In my analysis, the vendor’s definition went as follows:



  1. Rent the software, known as software as a service.
  2. Host the server for you, somewhere.


  1. Purchase the software.
  2. Host the server for you, somewhere.

Cloud pricing is a monthly fee for the software and a monthly fee for hosting — sometimes the vendor will wrap the two together. Hosting pricing is a one-time purchase of the software and a monthly fee for hosting the server. In both cases, there tends to be favorable hosting pricing if the server is multitenant, meaning it’s shared. The license and/or maintenance fees will tend to be wrapped in the cloud monthly fee while it tends to be separated in the hosting scenario.


In your analysis it is helpful to do a five to 10 year present value on both scenarios to access your options.


The difference between cloud and hosting is about renting or purchasing the software, which appears to be a vendor pricing strategy, and as mentioned in the beginning is cloudy at best.


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